Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol safety management programs safeguard the culture of your organisation, along with the safety and productivity of your people.

Brassets Group forms a strong partnership with our clients to deliver robust and effective Drug and Alcohol Management strategies. We offer accredited testing for Oral Fluid, Urine, Hair and Breath testing. However, the testing component is only one small part of a successful program. Our investment in multi-faceted programs covers:

Safe Work Australia estimates that employees who misuse alcohol and other drugs can cost employers over $80,000 per year in lost productivity, incidents, accidents, theft, and fraud.

All components of this program work together to create a robust and successful Drug and Alcohol Management program that positively impacts Safety, Culture, and Productivity.

Program Strategy

Understanding program performance to date – with your organisation’s desired direction and goals for the future – is critical to the execution of a successful program. The development of program strategy takes place across four phases: Analysis, Consultation, Development and Test & Evolve.

Analysis Phase Includes:

  1. Reviewing program KPIs across historical metrics and results.
  2. Understanding the objectives of the program in the context of your organisation’s strategic direction.
  3. Analysing site-specific conditions, considerations or restrictions.
  4. Understanding sensitivities including staffing issues or opportunities.
  5. Accounting for cultural considerations.
  6. Developing knowledge in relation to your organisation’s best practice.
  7. Conducting risk and opportunities assessment.

Consultation Phase Includes:

  1. Project working team assessment at meetings outlined in the Transition Plan.
  2. Consultation of key industry experts including your organisation’s Managers and Directors, the Brassets Group Chief Toxicologist and the Executive Team.

Development Phase Includes:

  1. Finalising all inputs.
  2. Discussion and assessment of recommended program direction amongst program leadership group.
  3. Finalisation of program strategy, goals, initiatives and expected outcomes.

Test & Evolve:

  1. Implementation and execution of the program.
  2. Gathering of feedback from stakeholders.
  3. Assessment of program deliverables against KPIs, goals and expected outcomes in monthly, quarterly and annual meetings.
  4. Addressing recommendations to update and evolve program initiatives in monthly, quarterly and annual meetings.

This four-phase program approach provides your organisation with the framework to develop and deliver a focused, effective and efficient program.

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Program Review and Continuous Improvement

Brassets Group offers a secure, fully integrated digital testing service that includes a collection of testing data, analytics and reporting.

The program management portal provides multiple access levels and is a user-friendly and intuitive platform with real-time data.

An intuitive dashboard provides an overview of full program results, daily testing reports, specific donor records and program reporting dashboard. Information can be uploaded and downloaded in multiple formats and custom reports can be printed with the simple touch of a button.


Policy & Procedure

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