Our innovative approach to Biometric Capture, Enrolment and Matching, is not different to how we approach each of our exciting new and emerging technology projects. 

Brassets Group New and Emerging Technology Projects Division brings together the World’s leading innovation specialists to accelerate the ideation of forward-thinking solutions to organisational and societal challenges. 

We take a unique and mission-based approach to ideation, shaping and future proofing the innovation ecosystem to advance tangible capabilities both in the now and for tomorrow. 

By adapting the power of mobile devices with hardened software, hardened communication and robust, hardened physical encasement, we can deliver exceptional capability at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems.  

Utilising the Android platform enables us to put the best Facial Recognition system, as used by USA DoD, CIA and other high-end organisations with the latest touchless fingerprint technology. 

This also enables us to add additional Biometrics and capability such as ATAK systems, FOB detection alerts and other critical field inputs. It also opens the door to future inclusion of voice recognition, gait recognition and other high security identifiers.  

By using secure open technology rather than proprietary systems, coupled with easy-to-use software it enables a greater number of identification capable personnel.  

Our biometric devices take multiple forms, including inclusion in drones and handheld mobile devices. We also provide specialist, infield tactical applications as required.  Our devices are capable of capturing multimodal biometric data including touchless fingerprint (both live and latent), facial and iris biometric data. 

The devices can be used in land, air and maritime environments by operators that are highly mobile, undertaking rapid and complex tactical manoeuvres and is ready to deploy at short notice. The devices are designed for use in diverse environmental conditions, are weather resistant an appropriate for use in all terrain by a single use operator. 

Benefits of using Brassets Group Biometrics

  • Multi-biometric data capture. 
  • Range of devices. 
  • Specialist tactical bespoke applications. 
  • Flexible infield applications. 
  • Cutting edge software with 99%+ accuracy rates. 
  • Intuitive and user friendly. 

Our scale and experience improve productivity and culture outcomes

Our Security management team have compiled further information regarding some of the hardware utilised by Brassets Group for download here.

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