The expert work of toxicologists involves identifying the usage of legal or illegal drugs and identifying exposure to illicit substances, including medications and alcohol.

Brassets Group utilises the services of Dr Michelle Williams, a leading expert in Toxicology.

Brassets Group Toxicology

Brassets Group are dedicated to enhancing the safety and well-being of families, workplaces, and communities through the principles of science. Our goal is to simplify the comprehension of drug test results. By enhancing understanding, clients are better prepared to grasp implications, benefiting overall clarity and awareness.

Brassets Group provides a unique and specialised approach to toxicology services, leveraging the expertise of Dr. Michelle Williams. Dr. Michelle Williams holds both a PhD in toxicology and a law degree, allowing them to provide exceptional services that are scientifically rigorous and legally sound. Dr. Williams bridges the gap between science and law, ensuring a holistic understanding of case implications for our clients.

Brassets Group offers a comprehensive range of toxicology services, including the interpretation of reports for hair drug and alcohol testing. Additionally, they are able to provide expert testimony and case support to navigate legal matters. Dr Michelle Williams expertly tailor their services to meet the unique needs of their clients, providing comprehensive support.

Toxicology Reporting

Reports are expert statements from Toxicologists, detailing the detection, isolation, and identification of drugs or alcohol in each sample. The expert statement will also include a detailed interpretation of the results and a conclusion of the findings. 

Obtaining a toxicology report can provide a clearer understanding of the results, which can assist, along with other evidence, toward the overall outcome of a case.

Toxicology reports can vary based on the specific needs of each client.
However, they generally include:

  • Matrices for testing
  • Testing methods: What was tested for and the period of detection.
  • Detailed analysis of lab results: Analysis of results and how this correlates with ingestion. Cross-analysis with any statements provided by the donor or findings identified by the requesting authority.
  • Cited research to support findings: Cited research including copies and interpretation of how this supports the Toxicologists findings.
  • Explanation of the findings: In summary, the Toxicologist will provide a conclusion based on the interpretation and research findings.

Circumstances requiring Toxicology reports can vary widely and can include:

  • Child safety matters
  • Custodial cases
  • Drink spiking/drugging
  • Drug facilitated crime/sexual assault
  • Drug dependency/Rehabilitation programmes
  • Workplace monitoring/Return to work programs
  • Therapeutic drug/medication monitoring

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