Security Audits

Clarifying Organisational Objectives

A critical first step in identifying security and safety vulnerabilities is to clarify the organisation’s objectives. These may include many of our standard assessment criteria modules:

  • Unauthorised intrusion / penetration risk 
  • Internal organisational vulnerabilities
  • External risk 
  • Cyber security risk
  • Intellectual property risk 
  • Health and safety vulnerabilities
  • Organisational culture 

Our trained professionals will assist you with identifying the most appropriate assessment structure and scope of work to maximise the benefits resulting from our assessments.

Strategy & Assessment

It makes good business sense to minimise future obsolescence by designing and purchasing ‘Open Architecture Systems’ and ‘Future-ready’ technologies.

Capital expenditure guidelines are essential to future-proof capital purchases and position your organization to take full advantage of new emerging technologies as they become available.

It is important that technology evolution is designed around a brief outlining the functional objectives of the capital expenditure.  For example:

We want a CCTV camera located in the foyer. What are the functional objectives of this item?

  • To simply see if a person is in the foyer?
  • To identify a person in the foyer?
  • To identify slips and falls in the foyer?
  • To generate an alert if the person in the foyer is on a banned list?
  • To identify who the person is and open the doors if they have access rights?

The purpose or functional objective of that item will determine the location of the item, the type and other subsystem requirements to enable the item to meet its objectives. Every technology purchase should have clearly defined functional objectives that can be measured.

Data Security

In today’s technological first society, malicious network threats come from anywhere at any time to take apart your security system and valuable information without detection.
Brassets Group’s Dark Web Monitoring focuses on cyber threats specific to your organisation’s individual needs.

Vulnerability Assessment 

Strategic vulnerability testing equips organisations with accurate, real-world data on their current security preparedness, capability, and vulnerabilities in the event of an attack.  

A company can use this data to direct resources and budgets to the most appropriate areas, build a security technology obsolescence program, and develop a technology strategy that maximizes future capital expenditure effectiveness and efficiency.

Our highly trained and experienced industry experts are equipped with a comprehensive array of tools and methods that allow them to quickly identify vulnerabilities, including:

  • Security and Safety Technology functional assessment
  • Forensic Audits
  • Penetration testing of systems, processes and response
  • Documentation of infrastructure resulting in a Security Technology Strategy
  • IT systems penetration testing and Dark Web search
  • Procedural compliance audit
  • Pretext inquiry testing
  • Perimeter Security Physical, Electronic, Detection and response assessment
  • Critical failure testing

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Our Security management team have compiled further information regarding some of the hardware utilised by Brassets Group for download here.

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