About Us

We make the world a safer place.

Delivering specialist clinical and security
management strategies to over
350 clients across the world.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, our company has expanded to over 20 office locations serving the Asia Pacific, Middle East and European regions.

Our strategic and robust end-to-end solutions offer productivity with sensitivity to organisational culture and are reflected in our indigenous ownership heritage. At the heart of the group, are the values with which it was founded over 20 years ago: integrity, teamwork, and respect.

As such, 350+ clients worldwide champion our mindset of innovation and creativity through solutions-oriented initiatives suited to our client’s individual organisational needs.

We take pride in our services and strive to provide the best possible experience for you, even if it requires creating innovative security and safety paradigms along the way.

Our core business units include:

Clinical Division: Specialist Drug and Alcohol and COVID-19 Management Programs, encompassing policy and procedure, training, testing, rehabilitation and continuous improvement.

Technology Division: Design, engineering and execution of specialist technology solutions for critical infrastructure.

Investigations Division: Investigation and resolution of workplace issues including theft and fraud, bullying and harassment and substance misuse.

Meet The Team

Initially founded as a family business by Steve and Deb Brass, Brassets Group now encompasses a global team of clinical and behaviour management experts.

Including but not limited to; scientists & toxicologists, corporate strategists, cyber security specialists, experienced investigators, theft & fraud specialists and forensic analysts.

  • Steve-595A

    Steve Brass

    Managing Director

    Brassets Group was founded by Stephen in 2011, merging Investigations, Technology, and Safety businesses. Brassets Group now offers Safety, Technology, and Investigations services in eight countries.

    Stephen draws upon his MSc education, international experience and relationships to offer the Asia Pacific region the latest technologies, innovative methodologies and strategies that maximize results for our clients.

  • Deb-680A

    Deborah Brass

    Clinical Director

    Before founding Brassets Group in 2011, Deborah served in multiple healthcare practices specialising in paediatrics. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in clinical services as Brassets Groups’ clinical director.

    Deborah utilises her expertise in the clinical field while ensuring all aspects of the Clinical division operate in an efficient and productive manner while innovating new approaches to Brassets’ clinical services.

  • Scott-621A

    Scott Dunemann

    Technical Director

    As the Technical Director and co-Founder of Brassets International, Scott has extensive experience in deploying technology at various security sites around the world.

    Whether it is a mine site 12,000 feet up a mountain in Papua New Guinea or deploying technology with Police and Counter Terror teams to protect world leaders at the G20 Summit, Scott is the go-to for large critical infrastructure technology design & deployment solutions.

  • Rick-631A

    Rick Hyde

    Group General Manager

    Rick’s years of experience as general manager in multinational security and facilities have brought a wealth of knowledge to the position of Group GM. Rick draws on his Defence, Aviation and Education sector experience and Police & Military background to deliver best quality practices and services with the executive team across the group’s portfolio.

    Using his expertise and experience in previous senior management roles, Rick is responsible for our teams and the delivery of our services to our clients, as well as enhancing our service delivery outcomes in all aspects of our business.

  • Les611A

    Les Curlewis

    National Operations Manager

    Having over 20 years of management and leadership experience in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, Les is an experienced professional with both local and international experience.

    In addition to project management, Les’s strengths are delivering operational solutions, and being able to motivate and drive a team to achieve exceptional results.

  • Jackie-653A

    Jacky Stickler

    Client Services Director

    Jacky’s wealth of client services experience within large multinational FMCG businesses in the Asia Pacific region allows her the utmost care and attention in identifying our client’s needs and satisfaction with their received product/service.

    Leveraging her extensive professional expertise in project management, Jacky is responsible for the development, implementation and review of effective program strategies that meet the individual program needs of each client and drive safety, culture and productivity outcomes.

  • Morgan-702A

    Morgan Brass

    Chief Financial Officer

    Morgan comes to this position with many years of experience in the accounting and bookkeeping sector from previous positions and internships, coupled with knowledge gained from his Bachelor of Commerce degree. 

    Utilising his expertise in accounting and finance, Morgan provides financial forecasting and financial reporting to the executive management team, as well as advising on long-term financial and business strategy.

  • James-710A

    James Brass

    Chief Operations Officer

    James joined the Brassets group in 2013 as a member of the operations and client services team and has since progressed to Chief Operations Officer in 2020.

    His knowledge gained from his tertiary study and years of operations and logistics experience within the Brassets ecosystem have created a strong foundational level in operational and logistical reporting to the executive management team and long-term operational improvements & business strategy.

  • Chelsea-639A

    Chelsea Porter

    Compliance Manager

    Chelsea first joined Brassets Group in 2015 as a drug and alcohol collector and progressed to Compliance Manager in 2019.

    Her background in Criminology and experience in a government role allows paramount attention to detail, integral when it comes to Compliance for our clients in Quality, Safety, and Information Security as well as periodic reviews and maintaining the implementation of all processes and procedures of the business.

  • Female-A-688A

    Maggie Andonopoulos

    State Manager Victoria

    Maggie Andonopoulos is an experienced and highly regarded manager with 20+ years of experience in pathology. Maggie holds a Certificate in Holmesglen Business Management and excels at identifying new sales leads, pitching products/services, and building relationships with new and existing clients.

    Her focus at Brassets Group is to expand the reach of our products and services, grow the business, and increase revenue making her a valuable asset to the team.

  • Emma-2

    Emma Ho

    Administrative Assistant

    Emma Ho is a seasoned professional in the field of pathology, drug and alcohol testing, boasting an impressive career spanning over 15 years. As a Senior Collector/Trainer, she has honed her expertise in advanced techniques, making her the go to team member for difficult collections. Emma was employed as one of the initial Drug and Alcohol Collectors at Brassets Group upon its inception, now utilizing her experience as part of the administrative team.

  • Michelle-Williams-1

    Dr Michelle Williams

    PhD Toxicologist

    Dr Williams joined the Brassets Group team in 2018 in the role of Chief Toxicologist.

    Dr Williams holds a PhD in Toxicology in the development of testing methods for drugs of abuse. Following the completion of her PhD, she was research fellow with the Clinical Pharmacology Department at the University of Newcastle where her research focus was Medicinal Cannabis. Specialising in Drug and Alcohol testing, including the use of hair as a matrix for drug & alcohol testing, Dr Williams qualifications extend beyond her expertise in toxicology as she is also a qualified Lawyer. Her legal expertise offers a distinctive advantage enabling her to provide expert guidance from a legal standpoint. 

    Dr Williams is a key contributor to program strategies, innovation and continuous improvement within Brassets Group. She also provides results interpretation services and in-depth analysis of results from oral fluid, urine, and hair drug tests, as well as expert advice relating to the use of medications in safety sensitive environments.