Technology Support


At Brassets Group we deliver exceptional customer service, every time you need help.

Our support team prides itself on our values of being polite and courteous with a direct connection to the world’s leading technology manufacturers.

Our team are:

  • Highly trained and experienced, comprising many of Australia’s leading experts.
  • Credential certified, including security clearances such as NV1, Baseline, MSIC, and ASIC.
  • Factory trained and certified on the equipment, services and strategies we service and offer.

Technical Support

Built into all of our installations is our exceptional support component.

This includes but is not limited to:

  1. High security remote technical support and assistance.
  2. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits for the life of the support term.
  3. Rapid response callouts for critical support.
  4. Predictive maintenance replacements scheduled BEFORE equipment failure.
  5. Spare parts and equipment with extended warranties matching maintenance and support terms are held by Brassets to minimise your downtime risk.
  6. Software upgrade programs.
  7. Complete asset management logs for all equipment deployed.
  8. Comprehensive ‘hand over, take over’ management of all deployments to ensure client comfort and understanding of new systems.

Training and user support

Our technology solutions are supported by comprehensive training and, where necessary, certification. We provide hands-on, real-life scenario training to ensure that system users are familiar and experienced with using the systems to maximise their effectiveness when an incident occurs.

System training can include many of the following modules:

  • Control room operator training level 1 through 4
  • Behaviour Detection training
  • Incident Management (the fusion between technology and security personnel)
  • Incident Management (The Seven Step Incident management process)
  • Evacuation/Lockdown Incident Management
  • Specific Equipment operator training

Global Support

Brassets Group offers technical assistance to Critical Infrastructure and high-security sites throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific and EMEA regions.

We deploy our systems at Border Control sites, Defence sites, Government buildings, and Critical Infrastructure sites where uptime and excellent support are essential to ensuring national security and safety.

For a complete and robust end-to-end security system, contact Brassets Group.


Our scale and experience improve productivity and culture outcomes

Our Security management team have compiled further information regarding some of the hardware utilised by Brassets Group for download here.

Download Hardware Outline

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