Responsible Business

We make the world a safer place
by delivering specialist clinical and security management strategies to over 350 clients across the world.

The way we do business is important to us.

We commit to operating as a responsible, ethical and sustainable business.

Driven by integrity and compassion for people and our planet, our responsible business strategy encompasses three strategic pillars – people, community and environment.

We evaluate our strategic performance monthly and quarterly, as we would evaluate the health of any other business metric.


People are at the centre of our business – staff, customers, and business partners are essential for our success and always come first. We have a wide range of policies and principles that govern our business, from the prioritisation of human rights to treating everyone who engages with our business with dignity and respect.


Our community focus and the quality of our client’s success in the marketplace is fundamental to our –  and the community’s – ongoing success. Partnering with like-minded clientele who prioritise the safety and security of their people, we are proud of the cultivated business community we operate within.

Our philanthropy and give-back initiatives are central to our ethos.
Some initiatives that we support include:

  • Providing free access to Drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to those in need or in circumstances where children may be compromised.
  • Subsidising the cost of Hair Drug & Alcohol testing for Family Law and Child Protection matters by 25%.
  • Provision of our Clinical and Toxicological experts for information forums, including Department of Justice – Magistrates & Judges Conference – 2019, Legal Aid, Child & Youth Protection Services, Family & Children’s Court Forum – 2020 and Legal Aid Summer Series Program, Family Law Day – 2021.


We are committed to leaving this earth in a better condition than we found it.

Our group is proudly a 1 Star Eco Biz Partner that is independently evaluated in the continuing management and reduction of business energy, water use and waste.

Our commitment is to work with EcoBiz yearly to review performance and implement positive environmental strategies across all our offices around the globe.

In keeping with our commitment to operating a responsible, ethical and sustainable business, we uphold the following policies:

  • Human rights policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • Environmental policy (including EcoBiz accreditation)
  • Fair procurement policy
  • Multicultural policy
  • Gender Equality policy
  • Employment diversity policy
  • Anti-slavery policy

Read our policies here.