Sub-Surface Detection

Detecting sub-surface intrusions like shallow water incursions remains a critical challenge. This involves identifying threats from various sources such as Underwater Drones (UUV’s), Mini Subs, and Divers equipped with rebreather apparatus. The existing systems for sub-surface detection need enhancement.

Brassets Group believe the solution lies in the development and implementation of advanced sub-surface detection systems. This includes deploying permanent sub-surface capabilities, integrating vessel-mounted systems with above-surface counterparts, and creating deployable and re-deployable systems. To ensure effectiveness and reliability, the solution draws upon a proven system already operational in over 150 locations worldwide, trusted by the US, UK, and European Defense organizations.

Key Feature Include:

  • Improved capability  
  • Asset protection 
  • Enhanced and secure capability 
  • Shallow water tracking 
  • Detection of potential threats at 950m 
  • Coordinates of threat 
  • UAV deployment with sub-surface deployable warning speaker 
  • Multiple threat identification and tracking 
  • Potential threat final target notification 
  • AI threat identification 
  • Accelerated Delivery 
  • Can be integrated into the command and control systems including surface and above-surface detection  

360 degree vessel protection

Brassets Group Sub surface detection uses permanent deployment of sub-surface detection systems on or off vessel locations. The system utilises ultra-low frequency sonar and other assets to detect and track sub-surface threats in deep or shallow turbulent noisy water.

Linked systems can include, but not limited to; 

  • Vessel weapons systems
  • Landside systems that may include mass notification systems
  • Landside threat detection systems
  • Central command and control assets deployable anywhere
  • Surface and above surface systems to detect and respond to multiple threats or potential threats  

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Our Security management team have compiled further information regarding some of the hardware utilised by Brassets Group for download here.

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