Security Training

Brassets Group Specialist Security Training Modules

Our trainers have a wealth of experience in designing security control room standard operating procedures ensuring you receive industry best practice training.

Instructed by many of the world’s leading security experts, our modules include:

Security Management

Focusing on basic principles, we train security managers on building a robust strategy to evolve their systems, operations, policies, and procedures to address vulnerabilities and strategic objectives.

This includes; Defence in Depth, Internal and External Controls, Risk Management, separation of function and functional objectives-based design.

Security Control Room operations

Our control room operator training is based on live, situational training in your work environment to enable real-world scenarios that test your individual operational capabilities. Control room systems often utilise less than 10% of their technical capability. These practical training programs improve technology and equipment capability by empowering operators to utilise – and optimise – the tools at their disposal.

Behavioural Detection Officer

During this three-day highly specialized course, you will learn the diverse aspects of Behavioural Detection and Questioning techniques, with a ratio of one to four instructors to students. The course includes a substantial operational component (50%) making it a demanding activity for both students and instructors, with assessments conducted during operational components.

It is designed for operational staff who regularly interact with members of the public as part of their duties.

Active Armed Offender Workshop

The unique quality of this course identifies behavioural considerations within a tabletop exercise, both from the client’s and offender’s perspectives. This insight provides you with critical learning readily incorporated into the AAO policy. The training is split into a one-hour presentation on AAO incidents and learnings, followed by a tabletop scenario tailored to the client’s environment for one-hour.

Security Incident Management

Most security officers and control room staff have no formal training in key required skills. This intensive instruction module provides the necessary skillset for managing incidents.

In this four-hour training, you will learn:

  • Writing factual objective reports & statements
  • Interview techniques for suspects or those involved in an incident
  • Deception detection
  • Situational Awareness
  • Incident Management Best Practice

Tailored Client-Specific Training

Our specialist trainers can design organisation specific training to align with organisational objectives and operational requirements. We work with you to develop innovative and effective training utilising the world’s leading clinical & security solutions, tailored to meet your unique program needs.

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