Perimeter Security

The World Leader in Perimeter Detection 

Brassets Group deploys world-leading perimeter detection systems, with extensive experience in Nuclear Power Sites, Military Bases, Critical Infrastructure and high-security applications.

The first layer of security for any organisation is detecting threats at your perimeter. A fence keeps innocent people out but only delays an intruder for a minute or less. Detection systems can detect a person climbing a fence, cutting through a fence, digging under a fence or drones breaching your perimeter.

Brassets Group deploys systems that will identify an intruder before they breach the perimeter, initiating a response at the earliest point.

Our perimeter security assessments outline current vulnerabilities resulting in a strategy to strengthen your perimeter with intelligent technologies.

Layered Security

Security starts with the creation of layered security. 

At the outer layer is “PERIMETER DETECTION & DENIAL” which allows intruder identification prior to property entry and the opportunity to avert the potential threats on your terms.

With today’s technological and strategic advances, perimeter detection is no longer confined to ground-based initiatives.

Brassets Group provides perimeter detection strategies that include effective contractor and visitor management systems, along with staff training to identify personnel without appropriate access authority on your property.

This includes the prevention of:

  • Aerial intrusion from drones and UAVs
  • Network / Cyber Security breaches 
  • Tailgating through entry points
  • Unwanted sharing of access from an authorised person/s to others
  • Perimeter intrusion
  • Over water intrusion
  • Underwater intrusion
  • Subsurface intrusion
  • Insider threat management

Find out more about Brassets Groups Sub-surface and Rapid Deployment Technologies via the links below.

Predictive Security Management Systems 

Imagine a system designed with the operator in mind that manages alarms and incidents automatically and addresses incidents that require management attention by providing on-screen guidance with the correct procedures. Now, multiple systems and devices can create cohesive systems. Systems with intelligent alerts, uniquely designed for specific applications with new technologies and open architecture platforms brought to you by Brassets Group.


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Our Security management team have compiled further information regarding some of the hardware utilised by Brassets Group for download here.

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